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F2D line ready to use
F2D line ready to use, length 15,25m.  ..
Metal tank 50cc
Metal tank 50cc ideal for Fora Junior, Oliver Tiger and all its variations and also the Parra T4. ..
Metal tank 70cc
Metal tank 70cc. Tanks are suitable for Rothwell 320, PAW.19, JO.19 and all .19 engines used in Vintage Combat ..
Needle Valve assembly F2D
Needle Valve assembly for F2D Fora, Profi, Zalp engines ..
TH F2C Wheel
F2C Wheel. Hole diameter 5mm, width 4mm. ..
TH F2D engine mounts twisted
F2D engine mounts twisted. Angle of inclination 10 degrees. ..
TH F2D Shut off
F2D Shut off design A. Rastenis. Made from glass-filled plastic. ..
TH F2D Shut off with forced
F2D Shut off design A. Rastenis with forced. Made from glass-filled plastic. ..
TH Finger Protector
Rubber finger protector, size M, L, XL ..
TH Mount for engines 1,0cc and 0,8cc
Mount for engines Fora, Profi, Cyclone 1,0cc and 0,8cc and other. ..

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