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Bellcrank F2В
F2B Belcranck from Yuriy Yatsenko ..
Connector kit fuselage-wing for F2B models
Connector kit fuselage-wing for F2B models from Yuriy Yatsenko. thickness of the fuselage is 75mm. ..
Discovery F2B Propeller 13,8х6
Discovery Propeller 13,8х6 for F2B engine 10-11cc from Yuriy Yatsenko ..
Discovery F2B Propeller 14,2х6
Discovery Propeller 14,2х6 for F2B engine 12-12,5cc from Yuriy Yatsenko ..
F2B Landing wheel
Wheel 2,16x0,7 for F2B models from Yatsenko Y.  ..
Handle for F2B control
Handle for F2B control from Yatsenko ..
Rack of the chassis F2B(complect)
Rack of the chassis F2B with lock(complect) ..
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