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Metal tank 70cc
Metal tank 70cc. Tanks are suitable for Rothwell 320, PAW.19, JO.19 and all .19 engines used in Vintage Combat ..
Mold for Profi F2A prop
Mold for Profi F2A prop from Alex Osovik ..
Profi F2A Pan assembly
assembled F2A Profi pan with shutoff and landing ..
Profi F2A Propeller ready to fly
Profi F2A Propeller ready to fly from A.Osovik ..
Propeller blue for 1/2 F2D 114mm
Propeller for engine 0,8-1,0cc 1/2 F2D diameter 114mm ..
Propeller for  F1C ( without reducer)
Propeller for F1C engine 2,5сс without reducer ..
Propeller green for 1/2F2D 125mm
Propeller for engine 0,8-1,0cc 1/2F2D diameter 125mm ..
Rack of the chassis F2B(complect)
Rack of the chassis F2B with lock(complect) ..

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